About the South Mountain Homeowners Association

The South Mountain Homeowners Association is a voluntary nonprofit organization Incorporated to promote the collective best interests of South Mountain homeowners.
The association provides a formal body to represent homeowners as a group dealing with the City of Draper and other public and private groups. We act as your liaison with city officials to ensure they meet their obligations for the service and maintenance of our community. We work with homeowners to comply with guidelines and designs to protect property values and personal investment by ensuring quality, consistency of design, and a sense of order in the community.
It is important that South Mountain residents are adequately represented with the city council and the city administration.
We believe there is strength in numbers and that we can accomplish many good things by working together as a group.

*Not all properties within the boundaries of the master plan map are in the SMHOA jurisdiction.  There are other HOA's within the master plan area.

South Mountain Master Plan