Citta -  Mia Prediletta Gelateria

It is a relatively small shop in a Sandy strip mall but it has the heart of giant. I’m referring of course to Citta (CHEE tah) a café that specializes in Gelato but offers a wonderful variety of other tasty treats. Before I get sidetracked, let me tell you that Gelato does not have a high enough fat content to meet the U.S. ice cream standard. So guess what? You get a dessert that tastes better than ice cream with a significantly lower fat and calorie content. And one that is so rich that even a tiny cup is immensely satisfying.

My new friend Karma Lambert, suggested it to me when I was looking for a restaurant to review. I had had my sights set on a local Sushi restaurant but I was unable to make my schedule work with theirs (don’t worry Ginza, I’ll get you next month).

As Karma waxed enthusiastic about our local gelateria, her descriptions sounded a lot more like something you would really find in Italy….cute and a little quaint with a specialized collection of tasty foods and drinks. Listening to her, I could almost hear the strains of Italian music, and the sounds of the patio umbrellas rippling in the breeze. Even better I could almost taste the fruity flavor of a young and rich Italian red wine.

So on an otherwise uneventful Saturday, I called ahead to make sure they were open and eventually arrived a little after 3:30. I expected the café to be relatively empty and boy was I ever wrong. The outside tables were taken as were the inside tables and their party room was packed with Moms and kids clearly having a fantastic time.

Alex, one half of the owner team, greeted me with genuine enthusiasm and started handing me little sample paddles of gelato.  I know that Alex and Rachel learned their gelato craft in Italy and when they returned to Sandy they brought the absolute best of this wonderful dessert and warm Italian hospitality back with them.

Since we had missed lunch that day, I ordered the Steak and Havarti Panini with the salad and a cup of the yummiest tomato soup I have ever tasted. This meal was big enough and tasty enough to satisfy two very hungry people and we both enjoyed every scrap of it. I also absconded with a cup of the Italian chocolate chip gelato. It is basically the vanilla version and looks like ribbons of melted chocolate have been poured over the frozen surface in individual layers. The taste sensation is nearly unbelievable with tiny frozen slivers of crunchy chocolate hitting your taste buds. And this flavor is just one of 24 offered by Citta.

Everything is moderately priced and the small daily menu is regularly supplemented with specials making it very hard to choose. I suggest at your next available opportunity you hurry over and give it a try. Citta is open 11-9 Monday through Thursday and 11-10 Friday and Saturday. They are located at 2101 E. 9400 S. in Sandy and their number is 801-790-4135. Buono appetito!

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