Neighborhood Watch Initiative

Did you know that a house on Vestry Road was broken into not once but twice in recent weeks? Or that one of those times was in broad daylight?

Even more shocking is the fact that three separate neighbors saw the perpetrators but did nothing. Had they known and mastered a minimum of neighborhood watch practices, it is likely that these robberies could have been foiled.

We are your community's Homeowners Association and we have set up a mailbox at Send us your email address and we will include you on a list to be updated with tips and techniques that will help make our community safer.

Be a good neighbor. Question situations that do not look right. Write down vehicle descriptions and license plate numbers. Call the police (911 or 840-4000).

While we would love to have you as a member of our HOA (just $3 per month on your WaterPro bill), anyone on South Mountain is welcome to join our email list.

Our board members are looking into the feasibility of establishing a program that incorporates the best of available awareness and reporting techniques as well as a monitoring of public areas known to be problematic. Our first step will be to form a project team who will put their ideas into a proposal. If you are interested in participating in the team or watch program, please send your information to

Joan Little-Brock - President SMHOA