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May 15, 2008 09:17

Thanks to everyone who participated at our annual Homeowners Meeting! You can see the pictures by clicking here.

March 12, 2008 14:26

A New Park in Draper?

The Salt Lake County Council voted on March 11th to make an offer of $5 million for 64 acres of land at 300 east and 13800 south for a new park. Click here for the story in the Salt Lake Tribune.

January 24, 2008 14:08

Encroachment in Draper

Click here for a copy of a letter sent by the South Mountain Homeowners Association Board to the Draper City Council concerning the encroachment issue.

This may be one of the hottest topics in Draper. Some see it as an opportunity to punish people who grabbed public lands from Draper and the public at large. Others see it as a community-minded endeavor to beautify and protect areas that are not otherwise maintained.

 And like most hot issues, the truth is all over the ballpark.

 Your South Mountain Homeowners Association has never condoned encroachment on public or private lands. We have gone on record multiple times with city government, legal entities, and the public in this regard.

 What we have also done is to urge careful consideration of all the circumstances surrounding each encroachment incident.

 When South Mountain was in the early stages of development, builder bankruptcies, apathy, and lack of funding left many areas trashed, incompletely landscaped, and eroding from extreme slopes and the absence of water flow planning.

 City Management at that time, lacked the resources to solve the many problems and therefore encouraged the citizens to step forward and partner in the mitigation efforts. The South Mountain Development Plan of 1994 even states that homeowners were encouraged to visually expand the smaller lots.

 It is true that since that time, some homeowners constructed permanent structures that encroached to varying degrees. Many of these residents are now long gone to other parts of the state and country. Those who purchased these properties are now stunned to find that their property boundaries are not what they believed.

 And then there are those homeowners who fenced off large amounts of public land for their personal use, who constructed large structures totally on Draper open land, and even some whose landscaping passions just got ahead of themselves.

 Knowing the history of development in this area, our association decided to become involved to urge common sense and individual consideration by city council in handling these situations.

We have:

  • attended all related meetings
  • done extensive research on public documents
  • Published information multiple time in the media
  • researched available tradeoff options
  • frequently communicated with city officials in an effort to find the best ways of making all parties 'whole'

Our hope is that no one, including the city or the public, will conclude this activity without fair restitution.


November 5, 2007 21:36

Cleanup Day on the Mountain

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Young Men's Organization and the Boy Scouts from the six wards within our association had a clean up day, October 13, 2007. They picked up trash and debris within the common areas. It resulted in 30 plus large trash bags. The South Mountain Homeowners Association wishes to extend a sincere 'thanks' for a job well done.


October 10, 2007 12:35

Draper City Dumpster Program

In addition to the curbside garbage and recycling collection services, Draper City offers its residents a Dumpster Clean-up Program. The program is year round and for residential use only. Residents, neighborhood associations, homeowners associations, or other volunteer groups may schedule (once per year) the delivery of a 30 cubic yard (22' length, 6' high and 8' wide) roll-off Dumpster for their clean up projects. The City, through Waste Management of Utah, will provide the Dumpster at a charge of $95.00. Cancellations will be charged a $10 bookkeeping fee and must be at least 5 business days prior to the delivery date in order to receive a full refund.
Dumpsters are delivered on Mondays or Thursdays and picked up on the opposite day, Monday's deliveries are picked up on Thursdays and Thursday's deliveries are picked up on Mondays starting at 7:00 am. Due to the popularity of the program, availability of the dumpsters varies throughout the year; at times a dumpster may not be available for up to 6 weeks. Refunds will only be given if cancelled at least 5 business days prior to the date of reservation.
The dumpster may be used for yard debris (tree limbs, shrubbery, grass clippings, etc.) as well as building materials, household items, some appliances, furniture etc. Items that are not acceptable in the dumpster are toxic, hazardous or flammable materials such as pesticides, herbicides, solvents, chemicals, paints, motor oil, gasoline, etc. Also, tires, batteries, freezers and refrigerators may not be deposited in the Dumpster. The responsible party signing for the Dumpster will be fully liable for the illegal placement of these items or any spillage from overloading the dumpster. Information on disposal of household hazardous wastes may be obtained by calling the Salt Lake Valley Recycling Hotline at 974-6902.
Dumpsters have a weight limit of 10 tons and can not be overloaded. If concrete, dirt, or rock materials are deposited the Dumpster can only be filled one-third full. Dumpsters that are over the weight limit will be emptied until they meet the weight requirement. Cracking or breakage may occur if dumpsters are placed on driveways, side walks or other concrete areas.
Draper City and Waste Management of Utah are released from any and all liability for damages resulting from equipment or personnel delivering or removing dumpsters and from any injuries incurred by individuals using the dumpsters.
Please call 576-6500 with questions or to check availability, all dumpsters must be ordered and paid for in person at Draper City Hall located at 1020 E Pioneer Rd. Monday through Friday between 8 am and 5 pm.