What does the South Mountain Homeowners Association do?

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Persuaded the City Council to restore funds to do landscaping along Vestry, Rambling, and Highland.
  • Trees on Vestry Trees on Rambling
  • Lobbied to defeat developers' efforts to erect high density homes in two neighborhoods.
  • Erected monument style directional signs on Highland and Rambling roads, like these:
  • Sign on Vestry and Highland Sign on Vestry and Rambling Sign on 13th East Sign on Traverse
  • Landscaped the islands by the entrances to South Mountain.
  • Rambling Landscaping
  • Organized community wide garage sales.
  • Sponsored two annual community clean up days.

We also persuaded the City to:

  • Treat the encroachment issue on a case by case basis.
  • Put streets on a regular cleaning schedule.
  • Trim along sidewalks on Rambling road.
  • Agree to replace over 50 dead trees.
  • Clean storm drains.
  • Enforce city ordinances on illegal parking, signs, and property maintenance.
  • Review ownership of park strips along Rambling road for a plan to have all strips landscaped.
  • Do a safety analysis of the roundabout on Rambling road.
  • Landscape the roundabout on Rambling road.