Pictures of the trees replaced at Village on the Green this summer

Village on the Green Sign Mike Weir Trees

This is a letter that the SMHOA sent to the residents of Village on the Green:

October 1, 2008

Village on the Green Homeowners:

Over the past years many trees along Mike Weir Drive have died and many are in danger of dying due to poor soil conditions created when the road was constructed.  You have undertaken an expensive project to correct the soil conditions and replace the many trees that have died, returning the drive to the attractive landscaping originally designed for that area.   Village on the Green homeowners (VOG) are also members of the South Mountain Homeowners Association (SMHOA).  To help defray the cost of this project the SMHOA Board of Directors voted to contribute $4,000 to the VOG homeowner’s organization.   A check for $4,000 is enclosed.



Joan M. Little-Brock
President SMHOA