You might ask, “Why do I need a homeowners’ association”?

And the answer is that you don’t, unless you experience one of the many residential and local problems most of us encounter on a regular basis:

  • Do you have a neighbor who ignores their landscaping maintenance or who parks multiple cars on the street overnight when the city ordinance expressly prohibits it?
  •  Do you find yourself or your neighbors the victim of any side of the land encroachment issue?
  • Are you having trouble getting the city services you need?
  •  Has your area experienced any vandalism including graffiti?

These and other issues are hard to resolve when you stand alone, but when you have an organization standing beside you, you have a much greater chance of bringing about a positive resolution.

We are probably the largest homeowners association on the mountain at over 300 households strong. Membership is strictly voluntary and costs only $3 per month. And, our fees are strictly used for various improvement and maintenance projects as well as ongoing operating expenses.

We exist are enhance the quality of life and maintain or improve property values by establishing and communicating a variety of design standards. We keep a close watch on public areas to insure that the city or governmental agencies are not neglecting their responsibilities. And we look for opportunities to improve the city’s municipal code to insure that all residents operate within the same guidelines.

We maintain a continuous presence with the city and most recently have been working to bring about a fair and equitable resolution to the residential encroachment situation.

We monitor various landscaping situations and keep the council posted when attention is needed. We have also asked council to reconsider the standards around rented units in single-family neighborhoods.

And when necessary we remind homeowners of the design and maintenance standards we all hope to follow.

Our philosophy is that by increasing our numbers, our impact grows along with our ability to influence the way city business is conducted. Don’t wait for a problem to arise before considering joining our association. Our annual meeting is held in May (date to be determined) and is open to all South Mountain Residents.

We would love to have you as a member right now. It’s inexpensive and easy. Just visit our website at for information and membership forms. You will also find more information there about our activities as well as a blog that members can use to post photos, opinions, and news relevant to South Mountain.